CCTV Power Supply Adapter

Qualified AC 110-240V To DC 12V 2A


DC 12 V - 2 Amper (2000mA) Power Supply Adapter

-12V, 2A  Power Supply (Regulated) For electronic devices, like CCTV security cameras.

-Regulated output protects your electronic devices from over voltage damages, and increase life of electronic circuits and products you are using with.

-This Power supply is UL and FCC certified and approved.

-Perfect for any electronic products...

-Use it with For Security Cameras, etc. 


Input 100~240V AC  50/60 HZ 
Output 12V DC 2000 mA, 2Amper
Regulation OK
Short Circuit Protection OK


Pin Size: 5.5mm (outside dimension) x  2.1mm (inside dimension)  (Central Positive

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