IP 무선 Video 감시 System 

8Ch NVR 2G HDD Kit

Wifi Audio Record CCTV set

4X 1080P 2MP WiFi 무선 보안 Cameras


  • 모델 번호:A73WJ20A-V95
  • Kaker: EINNOV
  • 비디오 입력:8 채널
  • TV 시스템: PAL,NTSC
  • Audio Record Cam: Suport
  • Audio Sound Record
  • Wifi ip Camera Type:Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Camera With NVR
  • Image Sensor:CMOS
  • Compression:H.264
  • APP Remote View:EseeCloud For Android / IP Pro For ISO
  • Hard Drive:Not Include ,Support up to 4TB
  • Camera System Recording Features:E-mail alert, Multi-Channel Playback, Real Time
  • Camera System Recording Features2:Continuous, Time Shcheduled, Motion Detection
  • Supported Devices:Mobile Phone (Android and ISO ) Cumputer (Windows, Mac)
  • Connection Method:Support Wireless or wired


  • 4X 카메라: 옥외형 
  • 카메라 내장: 36개의  Led Light 
  • 해상도: 1080P
  • IR 거리: 30m
  • 방수: Waterproof Metal Cover
  • 렌즈: Default 3.6mm

NVR WiFi 무선 IP 녹화기 Kit

  • 제품의 구성품

    smd, smt 패키지:

    1x4/8Ch 1080P 무선 NVR

    1x1 m Enternet cable

    2/4/6/8 x 경고 스티커

    4 x 마이크 (내장 카메라)

    2/4/6/8 개 팩 의 Screws

    1 x 마우스

    3/5/7/9 x Power 어댑터

    1 x 영어 User Manual

    1 x Hard Drive : 1 테라바이트(HDD 는 NVR에 내장됨)

    (옵션) 6/8x1080P 2MP Wifi ip Cameras